Beware the Freeroll! — Pot Limit Omaha


I’m currently playing a little $1-2 Pot Limit Omaha online.  It’s a little smaller than I like to play (although it’s much bigger than $1-2 NLH, because of how frequently you get all-in in Omaha), but it’s a perfect level for me to splash around in as I learn the nuances of the game, and still manage a decent win rate.

Here’s a fun hand from the session I played online yesterday, that illustrates the danger of giving your opponent a freeroll for big money in PLO:    

Hand Converter by the Pokerhand.org community

MIKETHEPERM (Button): $258.90
BOWMAN71 (SB): $620.55
HERO (BB): $180
RDOGG04 (UTG): $293.65
CHADBROCHIL1 (UTG+1): $140.35
Dealt to: HERO
RDOGG04 calls $2, (1 folds), GOOD TIME checks, MIKETHEPERM raises to $11, (1 folds), HERO calls $9, RDOGG04 calls $9, GOOD TIME calls $9,
Flop:($43) (4 Players)

HERO bets $45, RDOGG04 raises to $180, (2 folds), HERO calls $124,

Turn: ($392) (2 Players)

River: ($392) (2 Players)

RDOGG04 wins $11

HERO Showed

RDOGG04 Showed

HERO wins $380

As you can see, I flopped a pretty great hand, the nut straight, with a nine-card redraw to a higher straight.  Any K, Q or J gives me a higher straight. Given my opponents hand, which holds two Js, I actually only had 7 redraw cards.  But given the fact that he had no out cards against me, I had a pure freeroll against him. It turns out that I had a 64% to 36% equity advantage when the money went in.

This is why you have to be very careful about getting all-in with straights in Omaha, even nut straights.  Unless you have redraws, you are running the risk of giving your opponent a freeroll.

In the actual hand in question, I’m not sure RDogg could have saved any money.  Given the size of the pot and the stack sizes, his best play was probably to move in on the flop, as he did.  But if the pot had been unraised preflop, or our stacks were twice as deep, he  would have been well advised to play the hand more slowly.

Beware the freeroll!

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