Big Ball — Pot Limit Omaha


You can win with “small ball” poker in pot limit Omaha, and it’s a style I use frequently in certain situations.  But I don’t play this style exclusively.  Here’s a couple of “big ball” hands I played online today in a 4-tabling $1-2 PLO session:            

1)  Game: $1-2 Pot Limit Omaha, 6-max

HERO (SB): $200
JDIZ4SHIZ (UTG): $404.60
THE_SNAKE08 (CO): $207.05
WESLEY1313 (Button): $517.46
Dealt to: HERO
JDIZ4SHIZ raises to $6, (1 folds), WESLEY1313 calls $6, HERO raises to $25, CHADBROCHIL1 raises to $88, JDIZ4SHIZ calls $84, (1 folds), HERO calls $64,

Flop:($276) (3 Players)

HERO bets $110, CHADBROCHIL1 calls $110, JDIZ4SHIZ calls $110,

Turn: ($606) (3 Players)

River: ($606) (3 Players)

HERO Showed



HERO wins $603

In this hand I was trying to get heads-up with JDIZ, but got caught when the big blind woke up with Aces.  9876 with one suit is a very playable hand in Omaha, as it flops a lot of nut wraps.  I am representing Aces by 3betting the hand from the small blind here, so if I get called my hand can be quite deceptive.

When the big blind, who is a solid regular, 4bet potted,  he has a pocket Aces hand virtually 100% of the time.  I probably don’t have odds to call the re-raise if JDIZ folds here, but when he calls I am actually in a pretty good spot. I’m getting 3-1 on my call, and the actual equities on the hand have Chad with 39%, me with 33% and JDIZ with 28%.  So I have an overlay.  JDIZ’s call, by contrast, was not good.  His hand plays very poorly against face-up Aces, and he’s getting terrible odds.

On the flop, I don’t have a decision, I’ve flopped a pair and a flush draw, and given the big pot and my small stack I have to get it in.  As it turned out, I had 56% equity on the flop, which Chad now at 28% and JDIZ at 16%.  A nice spot for me, and it worked out.

2) Here’s a play that didn’t work out:

Game: $1-2 Pot Limit Omaha, 6-max

Hand Converter by the Pokerhand.org community

HERO (UTG): $337.55
KRS111 (CO): $208.20
ULTIMATEBIPP (Button): $127.47
BOWMAN71 (SB): $437.58
QUAKE2 (BB): $309.75
MIKETHEPERM (UTG+1): $165.55
Dealt to: HERO
(1 folds), HERO raises to $5, KRS111 raises to $18, (3 folds), HERO calls $13,
Flop:($39) (2 Players)

HERO checks, KRS111 bets $35, HERO raises to $144, KRS111 raises to $155.20, HERO calls $46.20,

Turn: ($384.40) (2 Players)

River: ($384.40) (2 Players)

HERO Showed

KRS111 Showed

KRS111 wins $416.40

My hand is quite good, and good enough to call a 3bet out of position. Note that I don’t come in for full pot, which would have been $7.  This helps keep the initial pot small, and gives me increased implied odds to take flops, which is what I like to do.

The flop, which gives me the nut flush draw, a gutshot wheel draw, a backdoor flush draw and possibly some overcard draws, is a big one to my hand.  I’m looking to get all my chips in with these draws.  But my play, which is to check-raise all-in, also gives me another way to win without hitting my draws: by getting my opponent to fold.  As you can see by his hand, my play generally has considerable fold equity.  I was actually unlucky that he flopped a flush draw to go with his pair of 4s, or he would have been very likely to fold to my check-raise.

As it turned out, I had 51% equity in the hand and lost the toin coss.

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