How I Got Broke (1-30-11) — NLH Tournament


It’s time for me to start writing a little about poker tournaments, and I think the best way to get started is to write a regular feature on how I happen to get broke in the Pokerstars online $215  NLH tournament ($1.5M prize money guaranteed) every Sunday.

One of the great things about this feature is that it will give me a post to write every Sunday.  The tournaments go every single Sunday, and I will go broke in every single one at some point, except those in which I happen to win first place. (It hasn’t happened yet.)

The other great thing is that these posts will frequently be humorous (to some).  Take this week’s edition, for instance.

There were 8994 entrants in this tournament.  First place was $257,000. The payouts started at 1350 players, in the amount of $306.

When my final hand took place, there were about 1380 players left.  So we were essentially “on the bubble.”

Poker Game: No Limit Holdem Tournament

Blinds: $1250/$2500

Antes: $250

Table Info:
Mikevosges (UTG): $65,054
tpir90036 (UTG+1): $44,144
HERO (MP1): $56,051
Berkyy (MP2): $45,782
jkoper (MP4): $36,092
dushniy (CO): $134,131
marin06 (Button): $196,347
mastakid (SB): $12,996
polleblues (BB): $46,246
Dealt to: HERO
(2 folds), HERO raises to $6,500, (2 folds), dushniy raises to $15,000, (3 folds), HERO raises to $55,801 and is all-in, dushniy calls $40,801,

Flop:($115,352) (2 Players)

Turn: ($115,352) (2 Players)

River: ($115,352) (2 Players)

HERO Showed

dushniy Showed

dushniy wins $117,602                        (Hand Converter by Pokerhand.org.)

Comment: Sigh.  dushniy almost had the correct pot odds to call my reraise.  He needed to be getting better than 2.33 to 1 against my probable range of 99+, AQs+, AK — but was only getting $76,800 to $40,800, or 1.88 to 1.  But what was really terrible, in my opinion, was his initial decision to re-raise, and commit himself to a big pot, with that hand, against a player with a very solid table image (as I had at the time), raising from early position.

What I like to do when I take beats like this (after breaking my mouse), is to take my girlfriend The Thaiblonde out for sushi.  Have some laughs, and move on to the next one.  That’s the poker life!

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