How I Got Broke (3-06-11) — NLH Tournament


Yesterday was the $215 buy-in Pokerstars Sunday Million 5th Anniversary Tournament.  They put a $5 million prize money guarantee on the tournament, which means they needed 23,225 entrants just to get their money back!  Not to worry, 59,128 players entered, and the total prize money was $11.8 million, with $1.6 million and a lamborghini reserved for first place. Crazy.                              

Unfortunately, I didn’t get too deep, going out with around 15k players left after losing the following two hands.

Here’s the first hand I lost on my way out the door:

Game: NLH Tournament. Blinds $500/1000, $75 ante

amsterdam204 (Button): $6,475
Nukin44Futs (SB): $37,957
a840417 (BB): $12,457
soetemans (UTG): $23,577
katiemikexxx (UTG+1): $46,980
HERO (MP1): $36,252
TrueMetalMan (MP2): $28,478
ohhhh-DD (MP4): $36,745
Promokashka (CO): $76,177
Dealt to: HERO
soetemans calls $1,000, (1 folds), HERO calls $1,000, (1 folds), ohhhh-DD calls $1,000, Promokashka calls $1,000, amsterdam204 raises to $6,400 and is all-in, (1 folds), a840417 raises to $12,382 and is all-in, (1 folds), HERO raises to $36,177 and is all-in, (2 folds), HERO returns $23,795,

Flop:($36,664) (3 Players)

Turn: ($36,664) (3 Players)

River: ($36,664) (3 Players)

a840417 Showed

HERO Showed

a840417 wins $11,964

amsterdam204 Showed

a840417 wins $23,375

In this hand I was the second limper with JJ.  The shortstack shoved $6500 on the button, and the second shortstack overshoved $12,500 from the blind. I was sitting on $36,ooo, felt that I had decent equity in the hand, and over-shoved myself to get the pot 3 ways.  It turns out I was in a bad spot, dominated by an overpair.  But I still think I made the right decision.  Here’s my reasoning. The button is in desperate straights, and will be shoving a fairly wide range here.  The big blind will have a far narrower range, but also will be thinking the same thoughts I am about the button’s range.  He is also sitting on a short stack, and needs to make a move within a round or two. He might want to try to isolate against the button with hands as weak as AQo and 99.

Using pokerstove, if I assign the button a range of 66+, ATs+, KQs, AJo+, and the BB a range of 99+, AQs+, AQo, this is what our equities are:

button: 27%

Big Blind: 36%

Me: 36%

So this looks to me like a marginally profitable spot, that didn’t work out.  In terms of chip position, I went from about 30% over the average stack to an average stack.


And here’s the hand that knocked me out:


Game: NLH Tournament, Blinds $600-1200, $100 Ante

Potap64 (UTG): $35,310
Nukin44Futs (UTG+1): $19,011
a840417 (MP1): $39,627
soetemans (MP2): $30,819
katiemikexxx (CO): $29,005
HERO (Button): $18,395
TrueMetalMan (SB): $32,653
ohhhh-DD (BB): $36,970
Promokashka (MP4): $87,777
Dealt to: HERO
(6 folds), HERO raises to $3,000, TrueMetalMan raises to $9,000, (1 folds), HERO raises to $18,295 and is all-in, TrueMetalMan calls $9,295,

Flop:($38,390) (2 Players)

Turn: ($38,390) (2 Players)

River: ($38,390) (2 Players)

TrueMetalMan Showed

HERO Showed

TrueMetalMan wins $38,690

Here I make a standard “steal” raise on the button and get 3bet by the small blind.  I had stats on the SB.  He was a very aggressive player, and had a 12% 3bet rate. But he had 3bet 6 times from sb in 18 pots, for an astonishing 33% rate.  I had no choice in this spot, I have to go with my hand.  If I will fold a hand as good as KJs to this player he is going to ruthlessly exploit me. If you want a unique and memorable customer oriented space for casino online gaming, read more on Dreamjackpot for more information.

Plugging in a top 33% range for the SB, the equity of KJs against his range is 53%.  Plugging in a very tight range of 14%, shows that KJs has 41% equity.  Given that there was $8k of dead money in the pot, I think my decision to shove my remaining $15k was forced. (Simply calling and folding bad flops is too weak and exploitable.) To learn about online gambling games with slots for free, visit for more information. For new online casinos who offer great deposit bonuses as opening bids, check out uudet casinot 2018 right away for great deals.

As it turns out, we were flipping coins, and it came up tails for feltbot.  On to the next!


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