About Feltbot

If you read this blog, I can promise you that you will be reading about real poker hands played in real cash games and real tournaments, by an actual professional poker player.  My name is David Rubin, aka “feltbot” online. I have been a winning professional poker player for over twenty years, based primarily in the San Francisco Bay area.  While I have occasionally played at “nosebleed” stakes of up to $100-200 no-limit and $400-800 limit, my bread and butter has always been the mid-stakes games. In the card rooms, you will usually see me playing between  $10-20 and $20-40 blind no-limit holdem, or between $40-80 and $80-160 limit holdem. Online, where I can play multiple tables at once (usually from 4 to 6), my usual games are between $2-4 and $5-10 blind no-limit holdem, $10-20 and $30-60 limit holdem, and $1-2 and $2-4 pot limit omaha.

Portrait of Play Expert Poker author David Rubin, aka Feltbot.

I also enjoy playing in poker tournaments.  The big ones, with buy-ins of $10,000 or more.  (I don’t think smaller tournaments are good value except online, where I can play twice as fast, in ridiculously large fields, and simultaneously play in multiple tables of cash games.)  I have cashed four times in the World Series of Poker Championship $10k Event, with my highest finish being 18th.  In the World Poker Tour, I have cashed six times in events $10k or bigger, with my highest finish being 15th.  As you can see, although I’ve come very close, I’ve never made a final table in a big event.  Which is why you’ve never seen me on TV, in case you were curious.  But I plan to keep on trying, and you can read about it here as I do.

And, if you happen to be interested in NBA basketball, I also blog on the Golden State Warriors and the NBA at Feltbot’s Warriors Blog.

I hope you enjoy the blog, and good luck at the tables!


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