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Since the advent of online poker, it is now easier to learn how to play poker than ever before. Beginning players can now play poker online, against real opponents from around the world, for free. (Carbon Poker, the online card room linked on this page, offers free Texas Hold’em and many other free poker games as well.) Because of the availability of games, and the speed at which hands can be played online, there is simply no faster way to learn to play poker.

Gary Kasparov, the great chess champion, recently remarked that today’s kids are able to learn chess ten times faster than he could as a kid, because of the advent of internet chess.

The same thing is true of poker.  Have you noticed all the fresh-faced kids that have been knocking down million dollar poker tournaments in the last few years? Kids all of 22 or 23 years of age? Well, many of these kids already have more experience playing poker than many 50 year old poker professionals that have played poker all their lives! That’s right, because the speed of internet poker has enabled these kids to play millions of poker hands in just a few short years. It takes decades, and and a lot of dedication, to play that many hands in live card rooms.

Why play poker for free? Can anything be learned playing poker for free? Absolutely, particularly if you are brand new to internet poker. First of all, you can familiarize yourself with the interface. Beginning online players can feel pressure due to the time constraints that are placed on their decisions. Playing for free will acclimate you to the speed of the internet game, without the pressure.

You can also experiment with game selection, with no risk.  You can choose between the games being offered, texas hold’em, omaha, or many others, as well as the betting structures, limit, pot limit and no limit, without worrying about whether or not you are making money.  Find the poker game you enjoy the most, and then get serious about winning at it.

You can also experiment with playing more than one table at once.  Most professional players enjoy playing online because of the ability it gives them to “multi-table.” (See Multi-Tabling Online Poker.) Playing multiple tables vastly multiplies the number of hands they can play in a session.  Some top pros are able to play on 24 tables at once! There is no better way to get good at playing multiple tables than by playing for free.

Once you have familiarized yourself with the online poker room interface, and are comfortable playing, then you should begin concentrating on winning consistently.

Only when you have learned to win consistently will you have an innate understanding that poker is a game of skill, and a solid grasp on the skills you need to succeed.  Now you can take those skills to the real money tables with confidence.

Gambling games for money in person or online are illegal in some countries, states and local jurisdictions.
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