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Are you a beginning poker player?  If you are interested in learning how to play winning poker, here’s an outline of how to get started:

1) Familiarize yourself with the rules of poker by checking out the links below.

2) Learn the basics of how to win at poker by reading poker books.  Check out my list of what I consider to be the best poker books for beginners ever written.

3) Join a teaching site like DeucesCracked so that you can watch videos of top professional players actually playing online cash games and poker tournaments.  Being able to literally watch over the shoulders of top pros as they explain their actions in every hand is an invaluable tool in learning to play expert poker. I am a member of DeucesCracked myself, and watch their videos religiously in order to keep improving my play. They are the best teaching site in existence.

4) When you feel you are ready to play, start out playing online for free. (See Free Poker Games.)  This will give you the invaluable experience of familiarizing yourself with the online interface, and of making poker playing decisions in real time, without any of the pressure of playing for money.  It is also a great way to learn how to win, with no risk.   When you have learned to win consistently at the play money games, you will have an innate understanding that poker is a game of skill, and you will have a solid grasp of the skills you need to win.

5) When you are able to beat the play money games consistently, you are ready to graduate to real money games. On Carbon Poker, the limits for real money games start out as low as two and four cents. I suggest that you begin playing the “micro-stakes” and work your way up to the level where you are comfortable.  I do recommend that you gain experience playing  poker online before you venture into live cardrooms. There are many reasons for this (see Why Learn Poker Online?), but chief among them is that you can play many more hands per hour online than you can at a live cardroom, and thus greatly accelerate your learning curve.

6) Even after you feel that you have learned to play poker, you should continue your education by finding poker sites dedicated to educating players that you can trust. It is important to realize that great poker players are continually educating themselves about the games that they play.


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