Online Poker Tournaments

Do you dream of learning how to play in poker tournaments for millions of dollars?  Do you fantasize about sitting across the table from one of your poker idols, like Daniel Negreanu, Phil Ivey or Phil Hellmuth? Well, you can make that dream a reality very easily. Poker is unlike any other sport, in that it is possible for amateurs to compete against the best players in the world in the biggest championship events. All you have to do is learn how to play poker tournaments, then put your money down and enter the event of your choosing. Or better yet, qualify to enter the tournament cheaply by winning a “satellite” tournament.

Last year, I played in the $10,000 World Series of Poker Championship Event with a retired gentleman who earned his entry by winning a $1 satellite on PokerStars. That’s right, he got into the World Series of Poker — in which first place paid $8,944,310 —  for one dollar.  And I’ll tell you, this gentleman, who had only recently begun to take poker seriously, played pretty darn well. He had a chance to win. I’m not sure how far he went, but when our table broke at the end of Day 2, he had a nice chip stack.

If you want to learn how to play poker tournaments, the best place to do it is online.  And since Pokerstars is no longer available to US players, the best online site to play poker tournaments is currently Carbon Poker.

Learning to play poker tournaments online is advantageous for many reasons.  For one thing, you can play far more cheaply than playing live, and even play for free if you choose.  (For more on learning how to learn poker online for free, see my post Free Poker Games.) Secondly, online poker tournaments run much more quickly and efficiently than live tournaments.  Third, you can play whenever you have a free block of time, from the comfort of home. And fourth, you can even play in more than one tournament at a time, or in cash games at the same time as you play in tournaments. Carbon Poker gives you the ability to open and play on as many poker tables at a time as you wish (see Tips for Multi-Tabling Online Poker).

Once you feel confident in your skills as a poker tournament player, you can begin competing in the higher buyin events. Carbon Poker hosts large weekly tournaments that award hundreds of thousands of dollars in prize money each week.

And Carbon Poker runs satellites for many of the live tournaments that you see on TV, like the World Series of Poker.  So that you too, by qualifying for as little as $1, might one day soon find yourself staring down a poker legend in the biggest tournament on earth.

Gambling games for money in person or online are illegal in some countries, states and local jurisdictions.
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