Why Learn Poker Online?

I firmly believe that the best way to gain experience playing poker is to play online.  Here are the reasons why:

1) You can start out by playing for free. (See Free Poker Games.) Playing in the free poker games online is a risk-free way to test your knowledge of what you have learned from your poker books, and your aptitude for playing winning poker. (See also: Learn to Play Poker.)

2) Once you have demonstrated that you have the skill to win consistently in the free games, you can graduate to the micro-stakes. Carbon Poker has games at stakes as low as $.02-.04!  By starting out in the low stakes, you can continue to gain experience for very little risk.

3) Online poker is played at a much faster tempo than casino poker.  You can get close to twice as many hands in an hour playing a single table online as you can get in a casino.

4) You can play more than one table at a time online (See Multi-Tabling Online Poker).  This allows you to multiply the number of hands you get per hour even further.  If you play two tables at a time online, you will be playing four times faster than you could play in a card room.  If you play between 6 and 20 tables at a time — as many poker professionals, including myself, do — you will be playing between 12 and 40 times faster than in a card room!

The online interface is what has enabled many of the fresh-faced young kids you see winning tournaments on TV to play literally millions of hands in their short poker careers.  They learned the game, and gained the experience required to become top-notch professionals, in just a couple of years.  It used to take a lifetime to gain that level of experience.

5) Online Software Tools:  There are innumerable programs dedicated to helping you study poker and improve your game.  Poker Tracker and Holdem Manager are examples of downloadable programs that store and quantify every single hand you play online.  You can use these powerful programs to analyze not just your own game, but that of your most frequent opponents.  Online sites such as ProPokerTools and PokerStove help you calculate the odds and equities of every poker situation you can find yourself in.

It is difficult to overstate how powerful these programs can be in the education of a new poker player.  And they are only accessible online.

Gambling games for money in person or online are illegal in some countries, states and local jurisdictions.
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